Mummy & Me. Mother's day mini-sessions at my Stafford photography studio

Mamas, when was the last time you had pictures taken with your children? I don’t mean the blurry ‘can’t be bothered’ ones your partner takes under duress (hello to my husband) I mean real treasure-forever-print-and-frame and make you tear up pictures

Treasure those special moments

My Mother’s day mini-sessions are perfect for a Mama with her child/children. The light airy style creates a beautiful setting in which we capture the special bond and relationship you and your little one/s share. The sessions are just 20 minutes long (don’t worry that is plenty of time for me to capture a variety of stunning shots) You will receive a minimum of 10 images ready to print and enjoy.

Click here to find out more and to nab your spot! 

Mini-sessions are a brilliant way to capture an update or create gifts for loved ones as well as try out my style and service if you are a brand new client.

This offer is for immediate family groups. If you are interested in photographs of your newborn baby or fancy cousin portraits get in touch using the button below.

Man and woman holding newborn baby

Newborn photography using natural light - my Staffordshire studio

I love photographing newborns in my studio, I often opt to use the natural (window) light instead of studio flashes as it creates a softer warmer look to the images.

Ideally newborn images are best done whilst baby is 10-14 days old but I have photographed newborns as young as 5 days (hours old if you include my own!…yes I took my camera to the hospital) and slightly older at around 3-4 weeks old, even 6 weeks old. Please don’t ever convince yourself you have “missed the boat”.

They will never be as small and as new as they are today, they change so so quickly.  The only difference between very new babies and those that are a few weeks old is that they are less ‘curled up’ and tend to have longer waking periods so whilst may not get the curled up sleepy shots you had in mind you will still capture some amazingly cute moments….they may even be smiling by the time they are 5-6 weeks old!

Soft neutral tones work well when styling newborn sessions, I tend to advise my clients to avoid lots of contrasting colours and pattern allow the focus to be on themselves and their new baby. Denim, white, creams, pale grey, pale blue or pale pink work well. We can include special little toys or blankets and hats too, if you don’t have anything you wanted to include then I have plenty of options in my Stafford photography studio.

I tend to avoid unnatural poses when it comes to newborn photography, its just not my style, I like babies to look like babies, how they would be at home….if they were cosy and relaxed and beautifully lit 😉 This is how you will remember them, not propped up in a plant pot or tiny armchair.

If you would like to find out more about my newborn photography sessions please get in touch or call 07773 064280. I also offer gift vouchers which are perfect for new parents or as a baby shower gift.

Man and woman holding newborn baby smiling
Newborn baby wrapped in blanket
Newborn baby asleep wrapped in blanket
Mum and dad holding newborn baby
Mum with newborn baby