My three top tips for taking better photographs of your children

Three simple top tips to help you take better photographs of your own children at home. Taking good photographs of your own children is not easy! Trust me I have two reluctant “models” of my own! Scroll down to get three top tips to help get the best from your children during picture time. Find out more about my family photography services here.

1) Get down to their level

Get down to their level. Don’t shoot down onto them. Crouch down, get involved with what they are doing. Not only does the image have much more impact composition wise but they feel more involved. Ask them questions, get them to show you a toy or explain what they are creating.

2) Make them laugh

Sing songs, tell jokes (toilet humour is always a winner with younger ones) or play music. For older ones ask them questions about friends and teachers and favourite hobbies. The more relaxed they are the more natural-looking your images will be. I always strive for real smiles not ‘say cheese’ ones!

3) Find the light!

Avoid using flash. If possible get outside or find natural light at home by a window. I use natural light where possible as its flattering and soft. Get in close (with your legs – don’t use the camera to zoom in from a mile away!) and get capturing. If the sun is very strong you can ‘backlight’ your subject and have them turn away from the sun – no squinting required!

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Mummy & Me. Mother's day mini-sessions at my Stafford photography studio

Mamas, when was the last time you had pictures taken with your children? I don’t mean the blurry ‘can’t be bothered’ ones your partner takes under duress (hello to my husband) I mean real treasure-forever-print-and-frame and make you tear up pictures

Treasure those special moments

My Mother’s day mini-sessions are perfect for a Mama with her child/children. The light airy style creates a beautiful setting in which we capture the special bond and relationship you and your little one/s share. The sessions are just 20 minutes long (don’t worry that is plenty of time for me to capture a variety of stunning shots) You will receive a minimum of 10 images ready to print and enjoy.

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Mini-sessions are a brilliant way to capture an update or create gifts for loved ones as well as try out my style and service if you are a brand new client.

This offer is for immediate family groups. If you are interested in photographs of your newborn baby or fancy cousin portraits get in touch using the button below.