Mum and daughter cuddling in corn field

Mother and baby portrait session - golden hour photography

I loved photographing this wonderful mother and daughter session. These two have an amazing bond and I am lucky to have photographed them a few times now. Shooting during golden hour is one of my favourite times to shoot because the light is just so beautiful.

For this session myself and Lauren (Mama) scheduled an early evening shoot when it looked like we were getting run of good weather and it paid off! Lauren got baby Sienna to have her nap a little later than usual – we made sure to take toys/blanket/snacks along with us to keep her happy but she enjoyed being outside and cuddling her mummy so much their was no need to worry.

What is golden hour?

Also know as magical hour, golden hour is the last bit of evening light just before sunset. It’s most prominent on a clear, sunny day. As the sun gets close to the horizon, the light takes on a golden glow and it’s much warmer and softer than earlier on in the day when the sun is higher in the sky.

Mum holding young daughter in corn field
Mum and baby walking through field during golden hour
Mum and daughter walking through fields during golden hour
Young girl smiling at camera during golden hour
Mum and daughter cuddling in corn field