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You may remember I talked about this project ‘Kids Were Here’ a while back – it may have even been before I was a parent myself. I absolutely LOVE it. This photography project is about children, started back in 2013 and features absolutely no children in the images.

jodie brennan photography

These photos just show evidence that kids were once there. A group of 30 photographers have set about documenting the little details that show the sweet, subtle (or not so!) and creative ways children leave their mark in the world. It is easy to get frustrated with all the chaos and mess that results from living with children but I try to remember that, along with so may other stages of childhood, this phase will pass QUICKLY. Favourite toys will be long forgotten, odd toddler rituals and practices no longer carried out.

So slow down, try not worry – memories are not built in a neat and tidy home.

jodie brennan photography

I have been shooting some of our own little memories. Our daughter has just turned two, here are a few shots from recent weeks. I encourage you to grab your camera or even your mobile phone and capture some of your own too. I would love to see them! 🙂

DSC_5771 DSC_5773 DSC_6445 DSC_9473 DSC_9487 DSC_9522



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