Displaying your family images – why and how

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Why not make 2017 the year you actually get round to creating/displaying your family photographs. They don’t have to be professional ones you have had taken. Any fun, fond or special memories are worth displaying if they are important to you and your family. Why is it so important? Research has actually proven that it can aid a stronger feeling of self worth in your children (thats got to be good right?) They see themselves as valued and part of something special, it demonstrates genealogy and where they ‘fit’. It also brings back happy memories and feelings for them when they revisit the images. What a great thing to talk about as a family too. We have a gallery wall in our living room with many images at all different sizes and heights – I don’t think a day goes by when my two year old daughter doesn’t ask a question or points and says ‘Mummy Daddy and Persie’ – its lovely!

Where – why not display beach, holiday or swimming images in the bathroom. Cuddly family images in the kid’s bedrooms so its one of the last things they see before they go to sleep. Images of the children enjoying their favourite food/s hung in the kitchen or some shots of them ‘baking’ or helping Dad with the cooking.

A little cutie I photographed in the studio last year – framed and printed by Mummy for a surprise Father’s Day gift. (iPhone pic)

How – there are so many ways to display your images and so many online retailers that help you create your artwork. I have put together a few examples below.

Picture Ledge: A few frames (mix and match) displayed on a picture ledge, Ikea do cheap and cheerful ones. These are so easy as you can move and change the frames/images and update as and when you wish.

displaying your family photography picture ledge

Picture Ledge – My office wall

One frame with multiple apertures: These are a good way of having a collection of images.

Multi-aperture frame (iPhone pic) My daughter at just 3 days old. A collection hanging in our kitchen

Create your own gallery wall – mix and match frame sizes and formats and hang groups of frames together. Create a purely black and white collection or mix it up with some colour images too.  You can even add in some framed artwork that your children have done.

A box of loose prints – My mum gifted this to my daughter. It is brilliant idea particularly for young children. They can touch, feel and arrange the prints, something that, since the rise of digital, many children don’t get the chance to do. We often talk about who’s who and she picks out her favourites. The outside of the box is decorated to appeal to her, it is her collection, I try not to be precious about keeping the prints pristine!

Hangers – I love this idea, simple but it looks really effective and again it would be very easy to update the images. For more info on this visit Apartment Therapy 

apartment therapy

Image from Apartment Therapy

Informal collections – using tree branches as a template shape, the addition of the lights make it look really magical. I found this beautiful example below on www.sarahkaye.com You can print your images in a polaroid style which gives it an informal look and again one you can update or switch around. Photobox are great for prints that are a good price and arrive quickly. You can use blue tac or washi tape for an informal feel.


Sarah Kaye Website

Print your favourite images onto wall-hanging acrylic or metal for a modern clean look. Sim Imaging do some fab products in their Frame range.

Creating albums or books – this is a brilliant way of storing precious memories if you don’t have much wall space as you can look through the prints with your family and children as they get older. They make brilliant keepsakes and are a great way of recording all the little moments. The images below show a little book that was a baby shower gift from one of my best friends, she took some ‘bump’ shots of us and created this gorgeous little book for us using Blurb www.blurb.co.uk. Needless to say I shed a little tear of joy 😉

Blurb photobook by Deborah Agostinelli (iPhone pic)

Blurb photobook by Deborah Agostinelli (iPhone pic)

Blurb photobook by Deborah Agostinelli (iPhone pic)

My cousin documented the pregnancy and the recent arrival of her baby daughter using the Free Print app, whilst I haven’t used it myself she said it is brilliant for busy new parents. She also saves all her photos onto Google drive as a back up and has set up an email address Baby D can have when she is older so she has access to them all.  What a brilliant idea! Here are some images of the prints and album that my cousin Kirsty kindly sent over.

When I was expecting my little girl I realised I had taken so many pictures on my mobile phone but hadn’t done anything with them (apart from Instagram a few) So I had them printed and made a scrap book, writing in dates what what was happening etc. I used Paperwave for the polaroid style prints.

Scrapbook and a Sharpie! Polaroid style prints from Paperwave. (iPhone pic)

Scrapbook and a Sharpie! Polaroid style prints from Paperwave. (iPhone pic)

I photograph families every week and have done so for a long time, precious memories, a new addition to the family, a milestone birthday, a wedding. I absolutely love being able to capture these special times for families to treasure. I urge you to make 2017 the year for documenting these memories and making some art for your home! In need of a family photography update? Visit my family gallery to see how I can help. If you have any photos of the things you have done with your family photographs please share, I would be so happy to see them.

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