Joyful, honest wedding photography that captures you and your wedding guests exactly as you are.

Wedding photography for laid-back couples who want to document the joy and atmosphere of their wedding day in a relaxed and natural way. Less posing, less pretending, more you.

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Wedding photography

Hello, I'm Jodie, a Staffordshire based wedding photographer

I’m a mum of 2 and a self confessed Starbucks addict. I’ve been photographing weddings, newborns and families for over 15 years and I’m obsessed with capturing moments in an honest, natural and joyful way.

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From wedding prep to wedding party

From the often unseen anticipation of the pre wedding preparation, to the emotional I do’s and the dance floor celebrations.

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Bride and groom walking down the isle after wedding
Bride and groom dancing on wedding day
Wedding photography

Natural and genuine moments

I love to photograph the beauty of a genuine smile, real laughter and an honest response. Less posing, less pretending, more you.

Capturing connections

I love to create a relaxed, happy environment in order to document real connections between you and your family and friends.

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