Some top tips for your wedding photography

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Top tips for your wedding photography

Shooting so many wonderful weddings has allowed me to pick up some top tips. Whilst these are certainly not essential (you have enough to be worrying about after all) they may help your wedding day go smoothly and help guarantee some fabulous images you will treasure for years to come…

Pre-wedding considerations

It is always a good idea to ask your priest/vicar/registrar about photography. They all have their own rules and stipulations so it is important your expectations are set prior to the big day. From experience these stipulations can be things like

  • ‘no flash’ during the service
  • photographers/videographers must stand right at the back throughout
  • NO photography at all during the service (yes that’s right!)

When looking around your venue think about where you might like to position your cake. Cakes are often pushed up into a dark corner. The venue staff can often advise you on this. The best location is well-lit with plenty of space for you to get behind the cake for pictures, preferably with little or no clutter behind you.

The wonderful Malcom & Helen and their beautiful cake

Timings on the day – group shots take approximately 4 minutes per shot so these can soon add up. During my wedding shoots I work quickly and with minimum disruption to the day but it is worth considering the time when compiling your family group list.

Speeches first? – Lots of couples are now bucking tradition and having speeches before their meal.  This may be worth considering if you know the father of the bride or other speech-givers tend to get nervous. Let the poor guys enjoy their meal once their speeches are all wrapped up.

Mr & Mrs Willocks getting emotional during their brilliant post-dinner speeches

Getting ready:

Where possible get ready in a clutter free room, not only will this allow you to get ready calmly it also means that you won’t have overnight bags and coat hangers, coats etc in the background of you preparation images.

A room with lots of natural light is every photographers dream so avoid closing the curtains and blinds where possible.

Hang your dress and lay out the train – this will avoid creases and also allows your photographer to grab some beautiful full length and detail shots of your chosen gown. You may want to avoid this if you have little ones running around.

Wear a cardigan/shirt or a button-down top whilst having your hair done. Believe me, I have seen brides actually cut their t-shirt off in order to avoid ruining their hairstyle.

Have your perfume, jewellery, shoes and any other important details laid out ready for your photographer. This will allow some great images to be captured and avoids you going through boxes and bags in an unnecessary panic.

Cut tags and remove sticker off all shoes in advance of the big day – this saves your bridesmaids having a mad dash for scissors and a wet cloth on the morning of your wedding.

If you have had some gorgeous stationery designed especially for your wedding why not bring an unused set along with you on the morning of the wedding. Your photographer can then grab a few detail shots of the invite etc, these images make a fabulous starting point for your album.

Wedding stationery by Mary loves Bob


If you are arriving by car ask your driver to lower your window (weather permitting) as you pull up. This lets your photographer get some clear shots of you arriving.

Beautiful bride Jodie just before her wedding ceremony at The Upper House, Barlaston

Have a bottle of water on hand – if you are anything like me on my wedding day then nerves often mean a very dry mouth!

Take your time down the aisle and try to leave a gap between each bridesmaid/flower girl and yourself. So many nervous brides and bridesmaids hurry down the aisle at top-speed all bunched together. Try and take your time, you want to enjoy the moment plus your photographer can then ensure he/she gets plenty of images of each member of the bridal party clearly walking down the aisle.

Face each other during your vows. It may sound obvious but lots of couples forget about this in the heat of the moment. Turn to one another, look into each other’s eyes. Enjoy the moment you actually get married. Plus all your family and friends can see you and enjoy it too!

The gorgeous Matt & Jane showing how it is done

Ask your bridesmaid/bestman you have a tissue on hand – just in case emotions get the better of you. Sniffing throughout the duration of your vows is not great.

Prep your guests and VIPs on the amount of time they may be expected to be required for pictures. The last thing you want is your guests disappearing up to their hotel rooms to freshen up just when you need them for pictures downstairs.

Hope these have helped, as I said these aren’t a list of must do’s,  just a few ideas to consider. I have still got a few more top tips so if this is useful I will do a follow-up post in the near future.  If you have any comments or tips for those getting married please feel free to add below. If you are interested in finding out more about my wedding photography please contact me at or call 07773 064280.




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