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I hope everyone is staying safe and well. Week two and its time for a new photo scavenger hunt, this was made with the children in mind but adults are welcome to join in the fun. Thanks for all the lovely messages saying you have been enjoying the photo scavenger hunt last week. Like so many of you I have been home-schooling whilst on lockdown. Week one….DONE! Yay!

My five year old and I incorporated the photo hunt into one of our afternoon activities.  It actually kept her busy for ten minutes or so so that is a bonus!

Here are the results of her work below – I have added captions. Some photos needed an explanation 🙂

Click below to download my Photography Scavenger Hunt Week 2

Photo_Scavenger_Hunt_Week_2.pdf (107 downloads)


Have fun and be sure to share or tag me in your photographs.


Something rough

Something that makes her happy – her new desk

Favourite cuddly toy (and improvised selfie) Fave toys change weekly but for today…

The number 3

A leaf

Something she has made of which she is proud (her artwork wall)

A cloud

A cloud

Her feet

Something she likes the smell of…her sister’s nappy (no words)

Her favourite colour

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